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Better Learning with ICT - Online Communities in the Classroom

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Language Reference:

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language’s WebWatch
A great resource for the best Web sites on the subject. Resources include online videos, language exercises, and lessons in most languages.
Access Spanish-English, French-English, and Italian-English dictionaries, plus a users’ forum that covers many words and expressions that are not in the dictionaries.
Basic dictionaries in several languages.

Online Learning Opportunities :

italki.jpgItalkiis where you can find everything you need to learn a language. italki is a social network and an online resource for learning foreign languages.

images.jpgSpeak Shop
For students whose parent’s think they need a little extra help, this site provides inexpensive tutoring in Spanish by trained Guatemalan teachers.

A lessons and conversation-exchange site that’s aimed at adult users, but there are plans to add more tools for educators in the future. This is also a social networking site for language education and learning. This is a space to watch.

mango.jpgMango Languages
This page provides free online lessons, with audio, in a dozen languages.

supercool.jpgSuper Cool School
Supercool School is for all types of learning not just languages. Learn whatever you want, when you want, how you want and with whom you want .

store.jpgDigital Learning Objects

Make sure your school has registered for digistore to access a range of quality language learning objects : Chinese/French/German/Greek/Indonesian/ Italian/ Japanese


iTunes Store You’ll need to download the free iTunes software if you don’t already have it, but the store offers free podcasts of language lessons as well as radio programs in numerous languages.
SpanishPod and ChinesePod
Get free podcasts for learning Spanish and Chinese. The producers recommend that educators listen first, as some podcasts may include PG-13 topics.