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**New Zealand folk Song**

Dee Reid's Te Reo Maori site

Quizlet urls:
Maori Greetings quizlet

Maori colours quizlet

Maori on Quizlet

Family quizlet

Whakapapa quizlet

Common verbs

Colour vocab quizlet

Colours and shapes quizlet

More common verbs

Quizlet location words

quizlet classroom instructions

Maori language on youtube

Ellis' 11 principles:

The new principle unpacked

Tracking sheet to help you set your goals to get going with formulaic language...
Examples of formulaic language resources

Formulaic language for assessment:

Teaching resource and also suitable for a classroom 'poster'
Teaching resource and also see slide 6 -suitable for a classroom 'poster'
Teaching resource and also see slide 3 -suitable for a classroom 'poster'

He Reo Tupu He Reo Ora - classroom language:

Resources found on YOUTUBEAlphabet SongTūtira mai

Tracking sheets for methodologies:

Creating a Quality Te Reo Māori Programme in an English Medium School (2011-18 resources) Go to the Consultancy page for the workshop resources. You can also contact Jeanne - to inquire about other possible resources not shown online...

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NZALT conference presentation - handout without the hyperlinks - see above for strategic documents.

Understanding grammar / form:

Team Term planning docs:






Kai at the Kura


Te Tinana

Āhua - Feelings