Curriculum Collation docs
These one page docs are a collation of first and second tier documents that have guided and will guide our practice in Learning Languages (LL). They are divided into levels as presented in NZC LL docs. Where any earlier curriculum docs don't have topics or text types, the French in the NZ Curriculum (FiNZC) doc has been used as the default doc to show an example of what these things can look like. Te Aho Arataki Marau (see reference below) is used to give examples of what Viewing and Presenting could look like.
To offer a one page collation of curriculum documentation per language per every two levels, for reference and scaffolding for many aspects of Learning Languages, especially for those teachers who are new to teaching a L2 (second language). The Chinese docs are still under review.

First tier docs include:
NZC (2007) and Te Aho Arataki Marau (TAAM) (2009). TAAM is very similar to the (old = second tier) French and German Curriculum docs but is updated to include the 6 skills (called modes in TAAM) and is aligned to NZC. Please remember that NCEA is aligned to NZC and not to the second tier docs.

Second tier docs include:
French in the NZ Curriculum (FiNZC) (2002)
German in the NZ Curriculum (GiNZC) (2002)
Japanese in the NZ Curriculum (JiNZC) (1998)
Spanish in the NZ Curriculum (SpiNZC) (1995)
Chinese in the NZ Curriculum (ChiNZC) (1995)
and the Pasifika and Sign Language docs
Please remember that the second tier documents are NOT aligned to NZC. If you use these for scaffolding purposes, please use them only in conjunction with Learning Languages in NZC and on tki. (see links above)